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Learning to code on your own is very rewarding, especially if your a self-motivated learner like me.  I just recently transitioned out of a career in education to follow my passion in web design and development. In my quest to learn front end web development, I have found many great resources.  Here is a list of my 5 favorite resources to get started.

1. BlocScreenshot 2015-07-12 21.46.50

I am currently in the Bloc front-end developer online bootcamp.  You can choose between the 12-week, 18-week, or 36-week course.  During the Bloc program you learn through coding real projects.  The best part about Bloc is the mentorship.  You get paired with a wonderful mentor that helps to guide you through the ups and downs of becoming a developer.

2. TreehouseScreenshot 2015-07-12 21.49.22

Treehouse is where I started learning.  The videos are easy to follow and the cost is relatively low.  Treehouse is great for learning the basics for someone who has no coding experience at all, as well as advanced developers wanting to improve on their skills.

3.Codecademy Screenshot 2015-07-12 21.49.52

Codecademy takes you step by step through learning to code.  The tutorials are easy to follow and it’s great that you practice writing the code as you go through the tutorial.  The act of typing out the code as you go through the tutorial is a great learning strategy to help you retain the information.

4. Code SchoolScreenshot 2015-07-12 21.50.15

I started out using Code School with their GitHub course.  It is very similar to Codecademy that the courses take you step by step through learning by having you type the code as you go.

5.Tuts+Screenshot 2015-07-12 21.50.39

Tuts+ is great for finding tutorials and anything you need to learn.  It’s great for beginners and advanced developers.  If there is something new I need to learn this is often my first stop to find a tutorial.


There are many more great resources to learn code that I haven’t mentioned.  Have you used any of these programs?  What are others that you love?  Let me know in the comments below!